Living History Event, Historic Hillsborough, NH

The Jones Road Encampment


You step through a time warp the minute you drive over the antique stone bridge on Jones Road.

2nd South Carolina String Band

The 2nd South Carolina String Band plays the songs and music that moved the American people of the early and mid-eighteen hundreds. They play the music that was in the hearts and minds and on the tongues of the citizen-soldiers that made up the ranks of the armies of the North and the South as they marched off to take part in the cataclysmic struggle that was to become the defining event of our nation’s history. excerpt from

NH Audubon's Raptor Program

Laura Ingalls Wilder - inspirational!

Kearsarge Aftergaurd

An Authentically Uniformed Historical 

Association representing the Federal Civil War Navy

Hands on Cider Pressing

Laundry Day

Churning Butter - then Eating It!

Learning to embroider

Abigail Adams - 2016

School Daze

The Food! Best you'll ever have at any event!

So much to see and explore

Thomas Jefferson - 2015

Old fashioned children's games

Betsy Ross

Chicken Farmer

Tom Hanford and his fiddle - a children magnet

Molly Pitcher - 2016

Maple syrup by the Hunt family

Annie Oakley - 2016

2018 marked our 10th and final year as The Living History Event.

It has been a wonderful 10 years!!
We have enjoyed working with all our dedicated volunteers, committed reenactors, talented performers, generous sponsors, advertisers, donors and all the oodles of others that have helped make this very special event happen.

We are pleased to say there will be a different incarnation called History Alive. More information can be found on their website

A huge thank you to our SPONSORS
We couldn’t do this without you!

George Washington was so real he gave me goose bumps!  And his talk was fascinating!

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Special thanks for the use of your photos –

Sue and Bob Hofstetter
Don Norris
Jeff Rand
Bob Lint
Chuck Cole Photography

Hmm. Washington and Lee? Hey, anything is possible here!

This event has a wonderful homegrown feel!

LHE Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote awareness of the history and tourism opportunities in the Town of Hillsborough and the State of NH in a way that not only helps our local businesses succeed, but also showcases the best of our community by using educational and historical opportunities so that we bridge together all ages, community organizations, and town interests around this unique event – Living History!


And for a little fun