Eric Rotsinger has been portraying Mark Twain since 1997. He brings Mark Twain to life through his animated storytelling and personality. Rotsinger has presented at festivals, community events, historical societies, schools and Civil War reenactments. Rotsinger even had the honor of speaking for the Center for Mark Twain Studies at Elmira College in Elmira, New York in the summer of 2007. While in Elmira, he also had the opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the top Mark Twain scholars and visit the Mark Twain Study and Quarry Farm, where Twain spent many summers and completed many of his most famous works. When Rotsinger puts on the white suit, he truly becomes Mark Twain.’

Living Historians
Living historians are not actors, or roll players, or Halloween refugees. Historians are serious portrayers of a famous personality or personalities. Our purpose is to take years of study, volumes of text, countless hours of research and distill it down to an image that encapsulates the essence of an individual. A “true” Living Historian looks at the totality of things and is not swayed by the obnoxious vicissitudes of public opinion. Therefore, we are not bound by political correctness. If you are looking for the Hollywood version of history, then rent a movie. If you want the truth, look to Living Historians.
—Eric Rotsinger (aka Mark Twain)