Jim Cooke, Crazy Yankees, presents “Daniel Webster: I Still Live”
Daniel Wbster was a frequent visitor to the Pierce Homestead during the years of that Franklin lived there, from his childhood through mid-adulthood. He is often considered as having had a major impact on young Franklin’s views.   Meet the New Hampshire farm boy who grew up to become the nation’s orator and statesman.

Jim Cooke is an actor and historian who lives in Quincy, Massachusetts. Jim was born in Montpelier, Vermont during the March Flood of 1936. In the record books of Vermont weather this deluge is recalled as the “Double Flood” and is considered the greatest natural disaster to visit the Connecticut River Valley. jimcookeGo figure…
From age three to nine Mr. Cooke lived on his grandparents’ farm where his first three grades were at the local one-room school. Subsequently,
his education has gone steadily and decidedly downhill — though he somehow managed to obtain a BA in English Literature from the University of New Hampshire and, later, an MA in Theatre from Emerson College where he taught for some years.He taught as well at Boston University and Regis College. He spent two years in the US Army at a guided missile site in rural Maryland. His two marriages resulted in five children; he has five granddaughters and lives in Quincy, Massachusetts, with two cats and a rat.