The Pequawket Alliance is a group of progressive historians, re-enactors, that portray life as it was in early to mid 18th century New France (Canada). The women in the camp wear 18th century attire, often layered which differs slightly from the 18th century British counterpart. They will be seen sewing, cooking, making lace and many other things that was demanded of an 18th century French woman in New France. They constantly dote on their men and constantly remind them to eat, stay hydrated and rest. They are all strong women, as to be expected for the time.

The men portray Canadian Milice (militia) of New France. Canadian Milice were formed into companies, organized out of parishes, they had strong Catholic beliefs that governed how they lived. All men 16 to 60 were expected to do their part. Each Parish had a malice company, the more populated had several companies. Each company was required to drill every Sunday and was expected to be well armed with a musket, full powder horn, 20-30 pre-rolled cartridges, at least 20 extra balls (for the musket), a tomahawk and blade (knife).

In battle they had no use for European style tactics. They preferred bush fighting, surprise the enemy, attack out of nowhere, give a war whoop (which was used to frighten their enemy), fire volley or fire individually. While on campaign, they could live indefinitely in the woods. However their raiding party style of warfare was so strenuous that when and if they returned, they were unrecognizable and needed long periods of time to recoup. When you see a Canadian Milice just sitting around, he’s not lazy, just resting, as he would have after a difficult day.

Please feel free to speak with any of the men, women or children of the Pequawkets, they’ll be glad to chat and share.